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Your sump pump stands between your home and a disaster waiting to happen. What is preventing your sump pump from failing when you need it most? For example, let's say there is a major thunderstorm, it's raining cats and dogs and the electricity go

Is this familiar? You turn on the faucet and you wait. What are you waiting for? HOT WATER! Did you ever consider how much water (and money) is going down the drain as you wait? This problem can easily be rectified with a water recirculation system.

Choice Comfort Services is proud to announce our recognition from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in the form of its International Torch Award for Marketplace Excellence. While it is not the first time we have won a BBB award,

There are a Lot of energy-saving tips out there that claim to help you reduce your energy costs and increase your financial savings. Unfortunately, they’re not all true. Here are five of the most common energy-saving myths.

We hear this question a lot. The short answer is Yes and No. If used properly, it can be a significant part of your energy savings in your home. However when it is misused it can often lead to higher expenses.

Whether the temperatures are heading to high 80s or 90s or plummeting to the low 20s, we know that the fast change can have a great impact on your HVAC system. With those extreme temperatures can also come extreme energy bills.

The benefits of pet ownership are measurable: Lower stress levels, less likelihood of heart attacks, increased fitness, and reduced depression.

Even though Ohio weather has been, shall we say, a bit temperamental, spring is truly around the corner and what a great time to check things off of your home maintenance to-do list! Start things off on the right foot by not ignoring those little things a

Several years ago, the government announced that it was changing their refrigerant standards for residential central air conditioners. In short, they required that the most common refrigerant, R-22 be phased out and eliminated from use by the year 2020.

If you ask people how to best save money on their air conditioning in the summer, you will get a variety of answers. Interestingly, most people assume that the best way to save money on cooling costs is to turn their air conditioner off when they’re not

Every good homeowner knows that replacing their HVAC system filters on schedule is an excellent best practice. But sometimes, “on schedule” just isn’t good enough. If you are one of those good homeowners who check your filter at regularly scheduled

No matter what type of climate you live in, the levels of humidity in the air can affect the comfort of your home, as well as the proper functioning of your heating and air conditioning units. Managing ideal indoor humidity should be a priority

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