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AC Components Installation & Repair Service in Dayton, Ohio

An air conditioning system is made up of four major components. The evaporator, condenser, compressor, and expansion valve are the four components. Each of these air conditioner components works in tandem with the others and serves a specific purpose to keep your air conditioner functioning smoothly.

There are some potential issues with air conditioner components that might cause the air conditioner to operate at sub-optimal levels or stop working completely.

Our expert professionals install & repair all components of your air conditioning system to keep things cool and comfortable for you and to keep your home pleasant in the area of Dayton, New Lebanon, Kettering, Beavercreek, and other service areas. Simply call us today at 937-898-4328 or click here to learn more about us.

Common Issues With AC Components

Common Issues With AC Components

There are some potential difficulties with air conditioner components that could cause the air conditioner to perform poorly or cease working altogether. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • AC produces an unpleasant odor
  • The air filter is clogged
  • The indoor unit is leaking water
  • It's a refrigerant issue if your air conditioner isn't blowing cold air
  • Noises from the air conditioner
AC Components

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We Offer 100% customer satisfaction and are providing 24/7 emergency services, including evenings and weekends. Choice Comfort can be your AC Components installation service provider, because extra facilities you may get by choosing us.

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You can rely on Choice Comfort for the high-quality AC Components installation and other repair services in Dayton. We have also experience in the following working fields such as AC cleaning, seasonal AC tune-up, AC repair, and more. Please call us at 937-898-4328 to get proper service in the long run.

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