Duct Leakage Testing in Dayton & Troy, Ohio

Leaks in your ductwork can be a total nightmare. It can make your HVAC system work inefficiently and create considerable problems to the structure of your property and the health of those who live or work there. To avoid such issues, you need to test for leaks in your ductwork regularly. When you are looking for a duct leakage testing service in Centerville, Kettering, Trotwood, Vandalia, or other cities surrounding Dayton, Ohio, be sure to call Choice Comfort at 937-898-4328.

A ductwork leakage tester is a tool to diagnose air meals in the ductwork of HVAC systems. A duct leakage tester consists of a calibrated fan for measuring an airflow rate and a pressure sensing device to measure the pressure of airflow of the fan. The combination of pressure and fan flow measurement is used to determine the airtightness of ductwork.


Types of Duct Leaks Repaired by Choice Comfort

There are two types of duct leaks -- benign and malignant. Here are the differences:

Benign leaks- Benign leaks are primarily harmless as they remain inside the air-conditioned space. These types of leaks do not need immediate attention because their effect on your HVAC system is not huge.

Malignant leaks- Malignant leaks are hazardous. Because when these leaks occur, that means hot and cool air is getting to places that should not be getting air at all. Hence mold and mildew may form there, potentially causing a lot of health risks. Malignant leaks can also suck in many airborne contaminants into your HVAC system, causing harm to your delicate device.

Duct Leaks

Ductwork Services by Choice Comfort

Choice Comfort has been providing ductwork services for a long time in the cities of Ohio. Our technicians are skilled enough to do all kinds of ductwork services. Here are ductwork services you may expect from us-

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Let Us Handle Your Ductwork Leakages Tests in Dayton, Vandalia, & Troy

For years, Choice Comfort has provided superior heating, AC, and ductwork services, including repair, installation, and maintenance for our customers in the Miami Valley of Ohio. We aim to satisfy our customers with our work. You may see the reflection of our dedication in the completed jobs section. We have financing options available, and to ease your problem, we have kept online payment options. You can pay us at the time of the work through your card to avoid any confusion. We are available 24/7 for all your emergency services. For more information, call us at 937-898-4328 or simply click here to book your ductwork leakage test today!

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