Is Your Filter Covered in Dirt?

Every good homeowner knows that replacing their HVAC system filters on schedule is an excellent best practice. But sometimes, “on schedule” just isn’t good enough. If you are one of those good homeowners who check your filter at regularly scheduled times yet still find that it’s completely covered in dust, hair and other particles, you might start wondering what causes it to get dirty prematurely. Following are a list of common culprits, as well as a few tips on what you can do to correct the issue. Premature Clogging:

The Followings Are a List of Common Culprits, As Well as a Few Tips on What You Can Do To Correct the Issue.

Premature Clogging

Filter Clogged with Dirt
  • Pet hair. If you have a loveable “shedder” in your home, this is almost certainly contributing to your dirty filter.

    Preventative Tip: Daily vacuuming and weekly pet brushing can go a long way toward reducing the amount of dander being sucked through your system.

  • The fan is always on If you have your thermostat fan setting turned to “on”, the fan will blow continuously, constantly forcing air through your filter. Conversely, the “auto” setting, only allows the system to blow when it is actively heating or cooling your home.

    Preventative Tip This one is simple…switch to auto to help get more life out of your filters.

  • Extreme temperatures. Even if your fan is set to “auto”, extreme hot or cold weather will keep your system running almost continuously.

    Preventative Tip: In cases if extreme weather, be sure to shorten your replacement intervals until the seasons change or the weather pattern eases up.

  • Dusty home. There are all sorts of reason for extra dust in a home, whether it’s from a recent home improvement project or just accumulated dust in seldom-used rooms, anything you don’t vacuum up has a chance of ending up in the filter.

    Preventative Tip: Don’t let those dust bunnies grow legs – regular vacuuming can be a huge savings on a filter.

If All Else Fails…

If you have tried the above and you are still running through filters faster than normal, a more effective solution might be to supplement your HVAC system with an air purification system. This system will remove many particles on its own before they can reach your HVAC filter. You should consider air purification if someone in your home has severe allergies or a respiratory condition, or if you have multiple pets.

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