Heat Pump Deep Cleaning

What is heat pump deep cleaning?

Heat pumps are designed to keep a place warm by generating heat in the most efficient way. When functioning for a long time, heat pumps can catch dirt, dust and also get affected by molds. In order to get rid of these, deep cleaning is a great solution to clean them extensively and from the inside. In this article, we will discuss the steps of heat pump deep cleaning.

5 Steps of Heat Pump Deep Cleaning

Plastic Protective Installation

First, the technicians remove the front cover of the heat pump inside your house. Then they apply customized bibs to protect the walls and floors from getting wet by the cleaning water and chemicals.

Applying Coil Cleaner

In the next step, they will apply a foaming coil cleaner to your coil. This will help to weaken the dust and dirt that has been stuck inside the heat pump. After the dirt and debris have been eliminated, your fan will start absorbing enough heat and start functioning properly.

Cleaning the Unit

In the next step, the unit will be cleaned by getting sprayed off. The protective bib will help to protect the floors and walls from getting wet all over.

Spraying Barrel Fan

The barrel fan inside a heat pump is where most of the dirt and debris keeps getting stuck. To get rid of these unwanted particles, pressured water is sprayed all over the barrel fan to clean the dirt extensively.

Unit Reassembling

Disassembling the entire unit is always done before starting the cleaning process of a heat pump. After getting all the parts of the heat pump cleaned thoroughly, all of these parts of the unit are reassembled to their previous state. This is the final stage completing which, the entire heat pump deep cleaning is finished and complete.

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