The Air Duct Cleaning Process By Choice Comfort

For more than 25 years, Choice Comfort has been serving the residents of Dayton, Ohio with all kinds of needs related to HVAC installation and repair. Air Duct Cleaning is a similar type of service that our technicians have the expertise of. Here we will be disclosing the air duct cleaning process that our cleaning experts follow for the best possible results.

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Our 4-Step Method for Air Duct Cleaning

Step 1: Dirt Severity Inspection

First, our technicians are going to measure how severe the situation of the dirt is. They will investigate the current situation of the duct and how much dirt they will have to extract. In certain cases, they might take pictures to match the pictures taken after the cleanup to identify how successfully they have cleaned your air duct.

Step 2: Creating Negative Pressure

As a second step, they will use a powerful vacuum system to generate negative pressure and apply it to your vents. After closing the supply registers, they will be able to maximize the pressure and start cleaning each of the ducts, one after one.

Step 3: Stir up the Dust

There is some dust that is usually more stubborn and settled than others. During the phase of applying negative pressure, our technicians also apply some air pressure to agitate the dust. After this dust is free from stuck, it will start falling for the air pressure of the vacuum system.

Step 4: Cleaning Up The Remaining System

After the cleaning process of the ducts and vents has been completed, our experts will also thoroughly analyze the rest of your air duct system and take the necessary steps to deal with any issue that they can find.

Our Duct Cleaning Experts Are Waiting For Your Call

Years of experience in cleaning up air duct systems have given our cleaning technicians the advantage of both knowledge and experience. By appointing them to this task, you will save a lot of time and effort without wasting even a single portion of the investment.

You can access our services anytime in KetteringEnglewoodTroyTipp City and all of our service areas around Dayton, OH. Just give us a call at 937-898-4328 or contact us online to learn more in detail!

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