Taking the “Dry” Out of Your Home This Winter

can you smell that crisp fall air? It is just enough chill combined with a hint of apple pie, perhaps carried over from Thanksgiving. As you are walking through the house in search of that apple delight scent, you reach out to rub Scruffy’s neck and ZAP – static electricity jolts you both!

Taking Dry out of your home this winter

Static electricity and dry indoor air are both commonly associated with cold weather. However, you can alleviate this dry condition simply by increasing the relative humidity in your home. (Hint… this will also reduce the amount of static electricity shocks that provide you with unexpected sparks when you touch certain surfaces (or the dog).

The minute you turn the heat on in a heavily insulated house, the air begins to dry. In the winter, the humidity in your home can get so low that it becomes more than a temperature problem. Scratchy throats, frequent nosebleeds, dry and itchy skin, can all be the result of low humidity, which at the very least are uncomfortable, and in many cases unbearable. The relative humidity in your home drops when the air outside becomes cooler, and turning your heating system on further depletes this important component of comfortable living. Fortunately, improving your indoor air quality is not a difficult process. Simply installing a humidifier can reduce asthma attacks and lower your risk of contracting the flu.

So what’s the static connection? Static electricity can build up year-round, but it is much more common in dry air conditions. When you introduce moisture into the air via a humidifier, it becomes much more difficult for static electricity to generate. Therefore, even if you are not experiencing the physical signs of low humidity, static electricity is a telltale sign that the relative humidity in your home is lower than it should be.

Your indoor air quality can also suffer due to a wide variety of pollutants, such as mold, dust mites, pet dander and pollen. This means that it is important to have your heating ducts cleaned each season. Combining a duct cleaning with a humidifier in the winter will give you the best results to continuing living in comfort.

Choice Comfort Services often recommends a whole-home humidity control system that will literally inject water into the ventilation system when the furnace is operating. This is the most efficient way to maintain the humidity in your home at a comfortable and healthy level.

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