Should You Repair or Replace Your Air Conditioner?

The answer to this question really depends on what kind of condition the air conditioner is currently in. In this article, we will first compare the two different situations that call for two different types of services.


How Often Should You Repair Your Air Conditioner?

There are some signs that show that you need to repair your air conditioner. The most common signs among them are Excessive Noise, Dust & Cooling Inconsistency.

If you notice any of these signs in your air conditioning system, you should choose to repair it as soon as you can. Although even if there aren't any of these signs present in front of you, it is healthy for your air conditioning system to repair them at least once a year.

When Should You Replace Your Air Conditioning System?

There are 3 common signs that show that your air conditioning system needs to be replaced entirely. These signs are:

  • More Than 10 Years of Usage: 10 to 15 years are on average the most common lifespan of an air conditioning system. If it has exceeded that time limit, you should probably consider replacing the air conditioning system entirely.
  • Breakdowns: When you have been keeping your air conditioning system under regular maintenance, it is quite unusual for your AC system to face breakdowns. Breakdowns are also a very common symptom that shows that your air conditioning system needs to be replaced entirely.
  • A Spark in Your Energy Bills: When your air conditioning system is functioning properly, your energy bills should be stable. When energy bills, especially those that are directly related to air conditioning systems has been skyrocketed without any prior notice, you should probably consider replacing your air conditioning system.

Now that we have provided the comparison between when you should repair and when to replace your air conditioning system, the rest is up to you. Keep your air conditioning system under observation and decide for yourself what will be the best solution for you.

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