Furnace Installation & Repair Services in Dayton, Ohio

A thorough inspection of your furnace can tell whether installing a new one or repairing the existing one- is what you need to do in order to reduce the energy bills. With the advancement of technology and the proliferation of new furnace models, you can now reduce your energy bills with the right unit. Contact Choice Comfort Services today to have your furnace inspected and repaired or install a new one in Dayton, OH.

For more than two decades now, our full-service company has always been a trusted and recommended service team in the local community. We are professional, courteous, and can get the job done right in a timely manner. Our furnace technicians are knowledgeable, experienced, and highly trained in the repairs of all furnace brands and models.

Furnace Installation & Repair Services in Dayton, Ohio

Signs Indicating Furnace Repair Requirement

The HVAC technicians of Choice Comfort Services are knowledgeable and can repair all types of furnaces including electric, gas, and oil. We have been accustomed to the common nuances of different furnaces and you can trust that we can provide you with accurate diagnoses and effective plans for repair. Some signs that your furnace is in need of repairs include:

  • Furnace is not heating enough.
  • Furnace is not heating at all.
  • The unit is cycling between on and off modes frequently.
  • The blower is continuously running.
  • Furnace is too noisy when operating.

If we find that a replacement is a more cost-efficient solution, we tell you right away so we can discuss the specifics of a furnace replacement; although, our technicians are highly capable to take care of any kind of repairing services. We are prepared to help you select and install a new furnace for your home. We even have financing options available, with approved credit, so you won’t have to worry about the financial strain of this valuable investment.

MyChoiceComfort Plan by Choice Comfort Services

When it comes to AC maintenance, regularly changing the air filters is a must. Clogged filters cause the AC unit to work harder to pull air into the system, producing higher energy costs while reducing the life of the HVAC system. Ultimately, your home is not as comfortable as it would be with an energy-efficient unit.

Join our MyChoiceComfort plan so you don't skip another AC tune-up! If you have an older unit that is beyond the tune-up stage, our certified technicians can help you pick the right unit, with the ideal size and SEER rating, to meet your needs and your budget.

For more than 25 years, Choice Comfort Services has set the industry standard for HVAC products and services for both residential & commercial customers in Kettering, Dayton, Covington, Ludlow Falls, and throughout the Miami Valley in Ohio. Contact us online or give us a call today at 937-898-4328.