Gas Boiler Installation

Gas Boiler Installation in Dayton, Kettering, Oakwood, & Vandalia

Are you thinking about installing a gas boiler? If so, the company to contact is Choice Comfort. We are a local and certified HVAC company that installs the best gas boilers available on the market. We work with leading manufacturers and carry a range of the latest and replacement gas boilers that are designed to meet the unique needs of residents in Dayton, Clayton, Kettering, Oakwood, and other cities we serve in the Miami Valley of Ohio.

At Choice Comfort, we provide superior boiler system installation and repair services within our service area and have done so for almost three decades.  For more information, call  937-982-5055 or click here to make an appointment to have a gas boiler system installed today!

How a Gas Boiler Works in Your Home or Office

Gas Boiler Installation

Gas boilers are basically central heating systems that continuously heat water. The heated water, later on, is pumped around your home through pipes and radiators to heat the space. Additionally, the water is either pumped directly to taps and showers or stored in a hot water tank for future water usage.

Benefits of Having a Gas Boiler

  • They do not cost much to purchase and install in relation to other heating systems.
  • Maintenance costs are also low.
  • There is no need to have a storage tank on-site.
  • There is no need to check fuel levels or schedule gas deliveries.
  • Boilers heat faster than other systems.
  • The emission of greenhouse gases is lower with a natural gas boiler.

Count on Choice Comfort for the Best Gas Boiler Installations in Dayton & Kettering

At Choice Comfort, we provide you with the best gas boiler system installation and repair services in the Greater Dayton area. You can also tune up your boiler heating system through our maintenance services and increase the life span of your heater. To learn more about how Choice Comfort can help you stay warm this winter in Dayton, Kettering, or Oakwood, give us a call today at 937-982-5055 or click here to make an appointment today! 

What Our Customers Say

“Man, Tommy and Travis came out and replaced our furnace and AC units. They were professional, honest, and did quality work. I wouldn’t trust another business to work on the essentials of my home!”

“Great company, from the staff and technicians to management. Great, knowledgeable folks. You won't go wrong with this company for your heating and A/C needs. They're the only ones I call.”

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