Freon Refill Services throughout Dayton, Oh by Choice Comfort

Has your air conditioner started to make a bubbling sound while it’s working? Is the air coming out of your AC warm? If yes, then there’s a higher chance the appliance is in need of a Freon refill.

Freon is a cooling agent that generates cool air within the cooling unit. It works in a closed system and simply circulates around your air conditioner over and over again. Therefore, typically air conditions do not need a Freon refill unless there’s an unfortunate circumstance such as a leak in the unit.

Choice Comfort's HVAC professionals have years of experience serving customers in Dayton, Kettering, and other cities throughout the Miami Valley. When you suspect there’s a lack of Freon in your AC unit, simply give us a call at 937-982-5055. Our experts will inspect and fix the unit along with refilling Freon. We also provide a wide range of AC services, including AC installation, repair, tune-up, and maintenance.

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Signs of Freon Shortage in An Air Conditioner

As in general air conditioners do not run out of refrigerants, knowing the signs of freon shortage can alert you about your AC Conditions. If you notice any of the following symptoms do not waste any time and call for a professional like Choice Comfort right away!

  • Warm air coming out of your vents
  • Sudden rise in utility bills
  • Ice forming on the refrigerant line.
  • Hissing or bubbling sound in your AC while it’s running

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“Man, Tommy and Travis came out and replaced our furnace and AC units. They were professional, honest, and did quality work. I wouldn’t trust another business to work on the essentials of my home!”

“Great company, from the staff and technicians to management. Great, knowledgeable folks. You won't go wrong with this company for your heating and A/C needs. They're the only ones I call.”

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