HVAC System for Office Buildings

HVAC System for Office Buildings in Dayton, Ohio

Understanding your commercial building’s HVAC system is an important detail for many reasons, not the least of which is keeping the system humming along so you aren’t stuck baking in the summer when something goes wrong, costing time and money. Having a building that stays cool in the summer and warms in the winter – keeping your employees and clients comfortable year-round, is something you may take for granted.

But a flawed installation of the HVAC system of your office building can turn your situation upside-down. Therefore, put your trust only in experts. Choice Comfort Services is the most trusted company for installing HVAC systems in office buildings in Dayton, Ohio.

Professional Maintenance for Office HVAC System

Requirement of Professional Maintenance for Office HVAC System

Along with maximizing the lifespan of your HVAC system, proper regular maintenance can lower energy costs, reduce the need for costly repairs and downtime, and guarantee constant comfort for your clients and employees. Preventative maintenance includes tasks such as:

  • Spring and Fall system checkups that include:
    • Cleaning and inspecting all outdoor components
    • Refrigerant levels are measured and recharged as needed
    • Blower, belts, evaporator coil, and other indoor cooling system components are inspected and cleaned
    • Burner assemblies, ignition systems, and other indoor heating system components are inspected and cleaned
    • Control systems are tested
  • Air Filters are checked and changed regularly, according to manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Thermostat programming is checked and reset seasonally
  • Monthly visual inspection of thermostats, drip pans, and drain lines

Using a professional cleaning service that you can trust, like Choice Comfort Services, with all of your maintenance can save you money in energy costs, repairs, and downtime.

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