Split Systems Installation

Split Systems Installation in Dayton, Ohio

For a commercial building with more indoor space, a split HVAC system is the best option. Choice Comfort Services provides the most reliable split HVAC systems installation services in Dayton, Ohio.

We understand the importance of the comfort of the employees, customers, and the security of the inventory system for a business. Therefore, diagnosis of a problem and providing the required repairing for your commercial heating & air conditioning systems as quickly & efficiently as possible- is our top priority. When a system is beyond repair, we offer new HVAC system installations to get you up & running in comfort in no time.

Split HVAC System

What is a Split HVAC System?

A split HVAC system is for buildings that have space for large indoor cabinets. The split system model holds the condenser and compressor in an outdoor cabinet. Another indoor cabinet will hold the evaporator coil, and an air handler sends the cool air through the duct system. A line set - a copper tube that connects both the indoor and outdoor components - moves cold air to the building.

Benefits of a Split HVAC System

  • More Efficient - The SEER rating for split systems is typically 25 or above, which is much better than package systems.
  • Customizable - Because there are two components to a split system, placement is more flexible than a large HVAC packaged unit.
  • Lower Maintenance - For ductless mini-split systems, the maintenance costs are much lower than any other central air system.
  • Value-adding - The energy efficiency of HVAC split systems is so high it has the potential to add resale value to your home.

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The expert technicians of Choice Comfort Services have been providing HVAC installation & repair services for more than 25 years now, for your residential & business property within our service area. Contact us today or call us at 937-898-4328 for more information or to make an appointment in Casstown, Trotwood, Kettering, Huber Heights, West Carrollton, and other areas throughout the entire Northern Miami Valley in Ohio.

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