Air Handlers in Dayton & Troy, Ohio

The device that contains the components which move air throughout the house is called an air handler. An Air handler is used in an AC, ventilation, or heating system to regulate and circulate the air evenly in the whole place. The air handler device runs with the heat pump or air conditioner; it contains the indoor coil used to heat or cool your home, depending on which system you are using it with.

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Difference between Air Handler and Air Conditioner

Air handler and air conditioner are two separate devices. Air handler only moves air throughout your whole house. It doesn’t heat or cool the air. In contrast, the air conditioner cools the air inside your home.

Types of Air Handlers

There are many types of air handlers. For example-

  • Single-speed air handler- This air handler has only a fan and operates at a fixed speed.
  • Five-speed air handler- This works better than single speed one. The more speed your air handler has means it works more efficiently with lesser sound.
  • Variable-speed air handler- It comes with a variable-speed blower motor to vary the speed of your fan depending on your home requirements.
  • Insulated air conditioner- If you are interested in the quiet operation of your system, then go for an insulated air conditioner.
  • Hydronic air handler- These types of devices are designed to work with boilers.
Air Handlers in Dayton & Troy, Ohio

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