Washing Machine Replacement & Installation in Dayton, OH

Installing a washing machine requires tricky plumbing and electrical work. It's super important to do it correctly for the best performance and safety. At Choice Comfort Services, we understand the importance of a reliable laundry partner.

We offer a variety of appliance replacement services including seamless washing machine replacement and installation. We take pride in meticulous work. Our licensed plumbers will expertly remove your old washing machine and flawlessly install your new one.

Washing Machine Plumbing Installation by Licensed Pros!

Even the most dependable washing machine eventually needs an upgrade. While you might think installing one yourself is easy, it's smarter to let the pros at Choice Comfort Services handle it. We can also handle any issues if there is no plumbing system, or if it's unusual. Our plumbers are highly experienced and trained. so, you can rest assured.

Why does the Washing Machine Need to Be Replaced?

Washing machines, like all appliances, wear out over time due to regular use. Factors such as age, wear and tear, and technological advancements can contribute to the need for replacement. As washing machines age, they may develop issues such as leaking, poor performance, or increased energy consumption. Additionally, newer models often come with improved features and efficiency.

Additional Plumbing Services We Offer in Dayton

While we excel at refrigerator, dishwasher, or washing machine installations, Choice Comfort Services is your one-stop shop for all your home's plumbing needs! Our certified plumbers offer a comprehensive range of services to ensure your entire plumbing system functions efficiently. Here's a glimpse of what we can do for you:

Get Your New Washing Machine Installed Hassle-Free!

For years, Choice Comfort Services has proudly provided professional plumbing, heating, and AC services to Huber Heights, Kettering, Troy, and neighboring cities. Our top priority is ensuring your peace of mind. With extensive experience in the plumbing industry, we specialize in seamlessly removing and installing new appliances. Call us at 937-982-5055 or click here to schedule an appointment and experience hassle-free service today.

What Our Customers Say

“Man, Tommy and Travis came out and replaced our furnace and AC units. They were professional, honest, and did quality work. I wouldn’t trust another business to work on the essentials of my home!”

“Great company, from the staff and technicians to management. Great, knowledgeable folks. You won't go wrong with this company for your heating and A/C needs. They're the only ones I call.”

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