Thermostat Replacement Services in Dayton, Ohio

If your electric water heater isn't heating water, that means you have a faulty thermostat. If you find that your thermostat is not working correctly, it likely needs to be replaced, and to do that, Choice Comfort is the best option for you. We will make you satisfied with our professional thermostat replacement services.

At Choice Comfort, we have skilled technicians who can assess your thermostat issues and recommend the replacement of the device. Call our experts today at 937-982-5055 or click here to learn more about available services, or to request an estimate for thermostat replacement in West Milton, Piqua, Englewood, and other locations in the Miami Valley region.

Signs That Your Water Heater’s Thermostat Might Be Faulty

Some signs can help you understand whether your water heater thermostat is faulty or not. They are:

  • No hot water: This most likely indicates a problem with the upper thermostat.
  • There is not enough hot water: This most likely indicates a problem with the upper thermostat.
  • Slowly recovering hot water: This is another problem that can occur when the lower thermostat is malfunctioning.
  • Water is too hot: overheated water can occur if either part of the thermostat (or both) is set too high or isn’t calibrated correctly.

Choose Choice Comfort for Thermostat Replacement Services

Need help with the replacement of the right thermostat for your home? Our experts understand the importance of selecting a thermostat that meets your family’s needs. Our licensed technician can help you to understand all your options and professionally replace your water heater thermostat.

In addition to thermostat replacement, Choice Comfort also offers various other services, such as:

Contact Choice Comfort or call us at 937-982-5055 to avail of our services in Tipp City, Kettering, Oakwood, Vandalia, and throughout the Miami Valley.

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Dayton, OH

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First and only of three heating and air companies I contacted that called me back. Scheduled a service trip same day. Technician was knowledgeable and professional. Took extra time to fix our thermostat correctly, checked and double checked that all ...

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Dayton, OH

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Andrew tuned up our A/C unit and then 2 weeks later installed our smart thermostat unit. He did an amazing job both times and was completely professional. 10/10 would recommend and will definitely be using again!

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