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November 16th, 2020

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless gas produced by incomplete combustion of fuels such as natural and liquefied petroleum gas. Exposure to carbon monoxide in the home can cause fatigue, chest pains, impaired vision and coordination, headaches,

October 20th, 2020

For many Americans, fall signals the time to retreat to the comfort of their home, dust off the TV remote, and sink into the couch for their weekly dose of football.

With everything going on, it might seem that a furnace tune-up is the last thing you need to worry about in Dayton, Ohio. Ignoring the important task of maintaining your heating equipment will cause more headaches (not to mention money) in the long run as

You might be the type to turn on your furnace in Dayton, Ohio at the slightest hint of a chill in the air. Or maybe you hold out for that first, all-out bitter cold snap. Either way, if you smell something funny from your furnace or heat pump

No two homes are exactly alike, and every home has its individual quirks. But there is one complaint that is common among homeowners regardless of the size, shape, or location

Before you purchase a portable dehumidifier for every room in the house, it will help to understand why your home is too humid in the first place.

Our plumbing maintenance contracts eliminate the pitfalls associated with making bad decisions during emergencies. You know who your plumber is and you can rest assured that he'll get there in a moments notice and get the problem fixed.

Your sump pump stands between your home and a disaster waiting to happen. What is preventing your sump pump from failing when you need it most? For example, let's say there is a major thunderstorm, it's raining cats and dogs and the electricity go

Is this familiar? You turn on the faucet and you wait. What are you waiting for? HOT WATER! Did you ever consider how much water (and money) is going down the drain as you wait? This problem can easily be rectified with a water recirculation system.

Choice Comfort Services is proud to announce our recognition from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in the form of its International Torch Award for Marketplace Excellence. While it is not the first time we have won a BBB award,

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